Saving sensor data to database with GrovePi+ Base Kit

Is it possible to save sensor data to database (like MySQL) with GrovePi+ Base Kit or is that GrovePi IoT Initial State Kit needed for that?

Hi @dexterPi,

It is possible to save the sensor data to database with any of the grove sensors irrespective of the kit that you are using.


For sure, you can save your data. How you can do it will depend on what programming language you use. If you’re using Python, Java, any variant of C, then you just write to MySQL like any other program in that language.
If you’re using Scratch, then it gets slightly more complicated. It can’t be done directly from within Scratch but there are some workarounds.

Please let us know what language you’re using.


So, only difference to “GrovePi+ Internet of Things Initial State Kit” is that later contains 1 year data analytics subscription?

I think i should use Python because it is easy to learn (i am hobbyist programmer but i have done something with those PHP, MySQL, Html and JS). And hopefully there are some examples on the web.

Yes, it’s the subscription that makes the difference.

And there are plenty of Python examples to show you how to save data to a database. StackOverflow will quickly become your good friend if it isn’t already (it’s a website with programming questions and answers)