Schematic and technical info for the Arduberry?

I have not been able to find a full schematic and list of components and tech specs for the Arduberry. Is this not an open source board?

I just assumed this was open source device as is the entire Arduino and Raspberry community.

Or am I wrong to assume that? If this info exists please point me to it because I don’t see it on your website or anywhere else. Or just tell me it’s not open source and I drop the subject.


The Arduberry is indeed an open-source board. We have tried our best to make sure that everything is opensource. The design files for the Arduberry are available here: and you can find more about the software and projects for the Arduberry here: .

Do let us know if this helps.


Thank you Karan! I figured they were somewhere. I think that first link you gave me is for the source mark up for the BBS which was what has been throwing me off. The second link is to the BBS itself which is what I needed.

Thanks again!