Scratch 2.0 for Dexter Ind kits

As we all know scratch 2.0 is not available for offline use on Linux. However chromium is available with flash. I tried loading scratch 2.0 on the browser and it took a incredibly long time, and it wasn’t loaded. If this problem could be solved then there is another thing that must be developed. A scratchX extension could in theory be built to control the robot. This may seem like a lot of work, but it would be worth it. It would be really cool to see what kids would build with scratch 2.0!

Hey Kevin, have you ever looked at Blockly? We are considering it as an
upgrade to Scratch.

Hi @graykevinb
I’m in total agreement. Rest assured that we’re looking at it and evaluating the best course of action.
There’s scratchx, snap! and blockly which are all interesting in their own way.

Blockly is cool, but It may be too advanced for some users.