Scratch and Troubleshooting Crash After SW Update


Oh, I know about the precision. Terminal on the Mac is very nerve-racking - lol. Like you, I’m also over 50 and my eyes have a hard time with the LXT, even with my readers on. I will go back and run both again and report back.


Yeah for #over50 ! :slight_smile:
you can change the font in the terminal if you want. I always change it.
Go to Edit, then Preferences. In the Styles tab, the terminal font should say Monospace 10. Click on that. then change the size to something like 14.


Thanks - that tip is going to be an eye-saver! I ran both commands and they came back fine. So what’s next? Just shutdown and restart? Or should I go back to the VNC and see if Scratch will open?


You can start VNC and see if Scratch will play nice.

We’re getting there!


Bingo! I think we’re back in business…thanks for your patience. I couldn’t have done it without your help!!!



I’m glad you’re back up! I’m just really curious as to how the DI Update didn’t do what it was supposed to do and got you in that state. There must have been a case that we’re not handling properly. Now that you’re back in business, if you can share any insight as to what went wrong to start with, it would be much appreciated. None of what happened was your fault and I’d love to make the product stronger.


Leonard Cohen, nice! I’ve been watching some of his performances this week…sad he’s no longer with us. :frowning:

Let’s see. The remember upgrading the software on both the GPG window and on the VNC window. Not sure which I did first. But I wasn’t sure that it updated originally. Immediately after that the issues started. I think the only thing that could be better on your end is to clarify the best way to handle upgrades (firmware and software) - this could include when to do them (how often) and which method works best. This was totally my error. I wasn’t sure if I should upgrade or which route to take and I think I ended up getting my wires crossed.

On a side note, my son and I started in Scratch but were thinking of trying Python. Do you think that would be too complex for a 12 year old (who actually has more coding experience than his old man)? If we were to give it a go, how should we get started?

As always, thanks again for your help!


Leonard Cohen is from my hometown, and that song was blasting when I read your success message.

As for Python a 12 years old can indeed handle it. The main criteria for readiness is how comfortable on the keyboard the child/pre-teen/teen is. If the keyboard slows their thinking down too much then the joy of programming disappears. Mission 12 will be a gentle introduction to Python and you can see from there.


Awesome. We’ll give it a shot. He is one of those kids that I think works better on a keyboard, so it might be just for him. Thanks, Cleo!


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