Any news/plans about using GrovePi+ within Scratch? Im looking for visual programming IDE + curricula for my 10 years old kid that will help to start creating nice applications with GrovePi+ Starter Kit we bought recently.

have a nice day!

Hey Sarunasb, sorry for taking so long to get back to this one. We’ve been talking about it and it seems like a good idea, might open up a lot of possibilities! We will keep you updated.

Super. If there is an action plan that needs a contribution about python/squeak development please share it. Looking for news from you! :slight_smile: /sarunas

We just added some scripts for using the GrovePi starter kit with Scratch. You can find more about it here:

You’ll have to run the setup script in the GrovePi_Scratch_Scripts folder and run the communicator to make scratch interact with the python code. We are still working on the documentation so I am attaching a picture with how to use the functions right now.

This is still in beta so feel free to try it out and send some feedback to us.