Scratching the itch - take 3

Now that I have Charlie back together again, I want to continue my joystick robot and the multi-boot experiments.

That makes me want to mount a small, (in physical size), external SSD to Charlie, and the most “convenient” location is on top of the battery mounted on the back of Charlie.

However, that requires a right-angle USB cable.  More importantly, it must not interfere with the pan-and-tilt mounted directly in front of the USB ports on the Pi.

Here it is.


You will notice both the amount of clearance between the new USB connector and the pan-and-tilt mount.  Also notice that the original right-angle connector behind it, (left instead of down), is an interference fit with the pan-and-tilt, with only scant fractions of a millimeter of clearance - God willin’ and the wind don’t blow!

Here’s a close-up view of the completed connector.



This is a much neater job than the last two since I was able to save the connector shield and solder it in place as a unified assembly, instead of trying to pot it with epoxy.

Of course, I could buy one except that:

  1. It would take weeks to get here, assuming that someone would ship it, (like the Chinese).

  2. It probably wouldn’t fit, since they include a lot of extra rubber around it.

  3. I have extra USB-3 connectors I can use.

  4. And the final reason:
    Why skip an interesting challenge!  :wink:


Looks good. Looking forward to the updates

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