Screw on GoPiGo preventing setting the Rasperri Pi

I am at Step 8 - setting the Pi on the GoPiGo and am having problems. The pins will not penetrate very far because the back of the Pi (the part that houses the USB ports) is hitting the screw that is attaching the GoPiGo board to the chasis. Please help.


Hi @jgallagher,

Can you tell us if you are following the steps given here.If you see the step 8, has an image of how the setup looks after connecting the Pi to the GoPiGo.

All the Pins may not be inserted completely but it would work fine. Can you post few pictures of your setup with the Pi and GoPiGo.


Hey jgallagher, can you post a picture of the problem? A picture from your mobile is fine. Assuming you’re working from directions here, right?


Yes, we are following the instructional videos one step at a time and here is a picture of what it looks like during the completion of step 8 .
Thank you for your help.

Hey @jgallagher, that looks pretty good. You may want to pinch the pins in a little bit, there should be a little give on the board to make that happen. All you need to do is press the pins and the area of the board under the header together a little to bring them together and make a connection.

This is as far down as we can get it. If you look at the right side of the picture you can see the screw with the mis-shapen washer. All of the washers that came with the kit were like this. Therefore, the Pi cannot be seated any further down because the metal box that houses the USB ports on the Pi are hitting that screw. I’m thinking of removing the washer to get more space and/or finding a flat head screw instead of one with a rounded top (like the ones that came with the kit.). Do you see any reason why I shouldn’t do that? Thank you.

Oh, I see the washer now. Sorry for missing that. So that particular washer you should tighten until the washer flattens. They’re purposefully bent like that to give a little tension so the GoPiGo doesn’t rattle apart while it moves. These are called “Compression Washers”.