Screw Terminal /w Keyswitch

Hi there,

I just received my GroveKit with some Screw Terminals and am working on a vending machine project. So far I managed to connect a serial RFID reader using one of the screw terminals and the RPISER port on de GrovePi. Now I want to connect a very simple On/Off keyswitch (and a On/Off button) to the GrovePi. Can I just connect the VCC with the keyswitch and the other end with D1 and use internal pullups? I used to do this on the Pi itself but I am not sure if this works on the GrovePi.

Hi jeroenveenvan,
You should be able to use you own switch with the D1 and the VCC but you might need to connect it to ground too to give the right signal. Maybe use a schematic like this: