SD Card - Modify your own image

To install the SD Card for my new GoPiGo, I modified my own Raspbian image, as described in Option 3 here:

But I had to change three things in the instructions before the procedure worked for me:

  • has to be run in “~/Desktop”
    • a line in references “/home/pi/Desktop” (which is the same as “~/Desktop”)
  • “cd Setup/” instead of “cd Setup Files/”
  • “sudo ./” instead of “./”

Here’s the complete edited text that worked for me (based on my notes which I can’t guarantee are completely accurate because I haven’t retested it on another GoPiGo):

Option 3: Modify your own image
If you want to use your own wheezy installation, you must make the following changes yourself to the Raspberry Pi.

You can download and run our install script. This will automatically download and install all the packages and dependencies required for GoPiGo to your existing Raspbian image.

1). Open the Terminal on your Raspberry Pi and clone the Dexter Industries GoPiGo Repository

cd ~/Desktop
git clone
2). A folder named GoPiGo should appear in your current working directory

3). Open it and go to Setup directory

cd Setup/
4). The install script is called . Make it executable

sudo chmod +x
5). Run the script

sudo ./
6). Follow the onscreen instructions and the script will install all the dependencies and will Restart upon completion. Your Raspbian should now be ready to run GoPiGo.

Hey xholon, thanks so much for pointing this out! I just made the updates on the page to reflect these changes, thanks for sharing, we really appreciate it!

Best, John