Sd card won't click in raspberry pi! Help!

Hello i just bought a gopigo. The sd card won’t click in the raspberry pi!!! Please Help!!!

Could you expand on “click”? Are you referring to the noise made when you put a sdcard in a SD card slot? The Raspberry Pi has no clicking sound when putting the card in. Is your SD card not fitting in? Just simply insert the card.
It should look like that.

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it isn’t making the noise when it clicks in. Also how do you code with scratch or python with a mac??? I plugged in my gopigo to my mac but it won’t make the rasbian for robots folder thing show up???

I’d highly recommend go in through the documentation.

This shows how to assemble it, program it in scratch, and even how it works!
That should answer your questions.

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ok thank u for your help!

No problem. Have fun! :slight_smile:

My Mac doesnt load dex.local. I have checked everything i can to see if im making a mistake i also watched all the tutorials. Plz Help soon! Thank you.

Hi @outspokenzombie,

Well, this could mean the Raspberry Pi isn’t configured properly or it may be anything else.

I would ask you to try (re)doing the following tutorial on how to setup the Raspbian For Robots image.
It has tutorials both for a Windows machine aswell as for a Mac.
Here’s the link to the tutorial.

Also, don’t forget to have Bonjour installed on your Mac.
I’m not sure it’s a default program for the Mac or not so this is just a heads-up.

Please let me know if there’s anything else.

Thank you!