SD Card

I have my SD card that I got when I bought my raspberry pi, I had planned on using it when I purchased the GoPiGo , but my question was if I use that SD card will adding the GoPiGo software to it wipe everything else out on it? Thanks!!

Not necessarily. If you completely rewrite your SD card by installing Raspbian for Robots, yes, it will. But if you git pull the GoPiGo directory, and run setup, it will not wipe everything.

Best, John

I am still failing at getting the SD card to work with my raspberry pi, If I just order the Raspbian for Robots SD card that is all I should need to get it to work correct? That way I don’t have to mess with getting my SD card to work with the stuff I downloaded off the website.

If you want something that just works out of the box then you should go for the Raspbian for Robots SD card that we sell on our website. That would pretty much work out of the Box.


You can also save some time by simply downloading our image and installing it on a spare SD Card. If you have a 4GB card, it works just fine. You can see directions on this here: