SD image woes. I downloaded the wrong one?

I just noticed the button I usually use to download the image now is crowded with more options. Maybe all this confusion happened because I selected DexterOS? I guess that’s different than Raspbian. So I’ll go back and redownload, reflash and retry.

Previous frustration: I just followed the instructions and flashed a handful of SD cards. But a hostile new boot password has been added blocking anyone from using the card. The given credentials, pi/robots1234 or pi/raspberry don’t work. Either the instructions are woefully out of date or there’s a problem with the image.
Video evidence

Hi @adilettad,

That hostile new boot password is meant for another OS - that’s for DexterOS and not Raspbian For Robots.

Here’s a forum post that describes this situation better:

And here are the links to each OS:

Thank you!