Second BrickPi mounting[SOLVED]


is it possible to extend the first BrickPi mounting with a second one (ontop of the first) so that the sensor and motor ports are doubled?

Thanks for your help.

Hi BlueAndroid,
I don;t think it would be possible to connect another BrickPi over the GPIO header because the BrickPi uses the Serial port for communication and the Pi pretty much assumes that there is only one BrickPi on the bus and the firmware is built to support only one BrickPi. Also, the serial comms are running at a very high speed and cannot support multiple BrickPi’s.

You can use 2 BrickPi’s on 2 different Pi’s and use something like sockets to communicate between them.


I agree with karan, I also wanted to add that you could use the raspberry pi zero because it uses less power. Running two pis will draw a lot of power! JohnC said this is possible on this post:

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