Seeking input GoPiGo Pi 2 or Pi 3

My tendency would be to opt for the Pi 3 version of GoPiGo rather than Pi 2. Newer tech with built-in functionality seems like theobvious choice, but my kids are the target audience and we are new to both Pi and GoPiGo.

Welcome any thoughts, suggestions, or gotchas for or against either version. Thanks in advance.

Hi @seth.misenar,

Raspberry Pi3 is an upgraded version of Pi2 with a better processor and also with built in Wifi and Bluetooth adapters.I would suggest the better, which is the Pi3. Our GoPiGo will work well with both Pi2 and Pi3. If you are interested you can buy the Pi3 and our SD card preloaded with our image as this image would be easier to start with.