Sensor block in LEGO EV3 programming

Hi there.

Are there any news about the compatibility of Dexter sensors in LEGO EV3 programming environment?
I have like 7 different Dexter sensor block, including Thermal Infrared Sensor etc but it seems they are not working.
TIR is just showing -273.16 value.
dCompass is giving also some crap values etc.
dIMU is also giving some values but not like from 0 to something, just swinging there.

If the sensros are like compatible with EV3 robot but not with LEGO EV3 programming environment then why do you have the EV3 sensor blocks?

Or there is something wrong with my software?



Hey Chuckie, we don’t have plans for adding in NXT support in the EV3 programming environment at this time. Just to be clear, you’re trying to use the new EV3 programming environment with the NXT hardware, is that correct?

We are, at this time, making the decision to walk away from further development in the EV3 environment.

If you want to use the sensors in the EV3 progrmaming environment with the EV3 hardware, we have that developed and available on Github.

Thank you for the answer. I’m NOT using NXT robot nor software. The talking is on LEGO Mindstorms EV3 only.

Some remarks: I got the dTIR sensor to work, I have two of them and one is giving a value of -273.16 (as I mentioned before) the other one was working perfectly. So in the first place I thought that the EV3 dTIR sensor block is faulty etc, but now it’s working.

But still I can’t understand about the dIMU and dCompass sensors. I got the reading from the but can’t understand the.

Is there a datasheet thats shows how hold those two sensors (default placement) and what kind on values should I see?

dCompass - heading is showing what? x, y, z etc what? And in which range of values?
dIMU - the same question, like what number (range) should I see from X, Y and Z?

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No problem. Sorry to be so blunt, but LEGO has made it pretty clear they’re not interested in 3rd party sensors any more, so we’ve stopped working on them.

It sounds like one of your dtir sensors is just not responding. The -273.16 is an effective 0 (0 kelvin).

If I remember correctly the dCompass shows a heading. Sot he output should be in degrees.

The dIMU measures both acceleration and rotation speed. The output for acceleration is in "G"s and the rotation speed is in degrees per second.

The dIMU manual page is here:
The dCompass manual page is here:

Thank you John. didn’t find the manuals in first place and sorry to hear that LEGO has other plans and visions. I’ll check those materials and try to understand further.