Sensor EV3 | vix files -> LabVIEW Web UI Builder

Hello everyone.

  • I’m trying to develop a driver of a sensor for brick EV3.

  • Files .vix associated with NI LabVIEW Web UI Builder.

  • As I understand it, vix files are virtual instruments programmed in high level similar to LabVIEW, but a file is created in xml.

  • I am developing a driver of a sensor for LEGO EV3, for this I need to generate vix files.

  • I found in Dexter Industries that did something similar, and has shared the source code (vix files). But these do not open Web UI Builder, open only as a plain text document.

Link of files .vix:

QUESTION: Can someone help me regarding the steps to see the source code (graph) of the vix files. I need to edit it in the graphical environment, but not in xml text.

Greetings and thanks

That’s right, all of our EV3 code is open source. If you want to open it up, just clone our github repo.

How to edit them: I think you’ll need the EV3 Education Edition. I’m not sure where you can get this (we got ours from LEGO). We’re using Mindstorms Education EV3 Version 1.0.0

Hope that helps!

Hi John,

How do you save .vix files?

I am not able to save .vix files from any Lego or LabView software.
I can view and edit .vix files in Mindstorms Education and Home Edition (once they are put in Developer mode), but saving an edited .vix is not possible.

I was also looking into various versions of LabView too, including LV2016 + Lego Module, but none seems to understand the .vix file format, which probably is just an .xml version of the binary .vi virtual instruments files used anywhere in LabView software.
The LabView Web UI Builder software is supposed to work with .vix files, but at this time the server on AWS is down for days now – brave new SaaS and Cloud world, dammit, gimme an installable please.

So I would be happy to learn how to save .vix, other than manually trying to edit the xml…

Cheers, Leo