Serial GPS for DexterOS and/or GoPiGo O/S?


Tagging @cleoqc for help.

I remember awhile back, I was asking about which GPS sensor is the one that DexterOS’s serial interface is supposed to connect to - and I remember getting an answer.

However, I’ve been searching and searching and haven’t found it.

Would someone please refresh my memory as to the GPS sensor that DexterOS refers to?



Found it! It turns out that I asked that question as a “support request” (which has zero visibility to anyone else in the Known Universe), which is why I could not find it.

The GPS in question is another (gasp!) Seeed Studios device:


Yup that’s the one. Support tickets might be less visible but so much easier for us to keep track of

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But they don’t help anyone but the person submitting the ticket.

That particular GPS module is a [censored!] to get over here.  Sigh.

Having run support, this is absolutely true. For my own clarity - you mean an email to, right?

Well, it does help everyone in the long run as bugs get worked out. And you can always submit a support ticket as well as a blog post.


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I have them “bookmarked” in my e-mail clients. :wink: :flushed:

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Perhaps true. . . .  But I’m not holding my breath.

I have to admit that one of the things that really burns my biscuits is fighting with a problem, doing search after search, spending weeks modelling and verifying problem modalities, all to find that the manufacturer has known all about that bug for centuries, and even has a [undocumented] fix that’s been around since benzine was linear!

Formal and Casual aldehydes

This is one of those, “I’m on the plane.  I’m heading out there.  And when I get there I’m gonna [censored so the CIA and FBI don’t start investigating me!]!!!” type situations.  Really peeves me off.  Burns my biscuits.  Really makes me wanna STRANGLE someone!

I have worked for several companies that had specialized departments of writers and web experts that had one task and one task only - to make sure the documentation and web site stayed in sync with the current state of the software.

Aside from that, what happens is there becomes two distinct bodies of information - the public forums and the private knowledge base - with the public forums being the ugly step-child.

One solution I have seen done is to make the public form part of the issue tracking system so that they run in parallel.

  1. Issues entered into the issue tracking system automatically become forum topics.
  2. Newly created forum topics automatically become entered into the issue tracking system and are assigned a tracking number.

This has three major advantages.

  1. It helps maintain a monolithic body of information that isn’t fragmented all over creation and maintains visibility to the outside world of the things that happen internally.
  2. It allows external, (non-employee), people help with the resolution of issues, taking some of the load off of the expensive internal subject matter experts.
  3. It helps create an image of transparency and honesty - something that is rare in Corporate America - which people will appreciate, especially educators and people in the university communities.

I’ve seen this implemented and, if done rightly with total management buy-in, it can be a great thing!

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Love the picture.

And yes, an integrated forum/ticket system would be nice in some ways. But I’m sure there would also be downsides that might be hard to foresee. Of course the biggest issue is always resources, since anything like that would require non-trivial effort to implement and maintain. If their primary user group (teachers) uses email almost exclusively, for example, then it wouldn’t be worth the effort to maintain a link to the forum. I appreciate the fact that there is a forum as it is.

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Amen brother!  Preach it!

Absolutely true and I don’t want to give the idea that I don’t appreciate the forums.  I just don’t like the idea of a fragmented and divided knowledge base.

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