Server issues?

We are trying to log into the website. when we type in the url/address: dex.local it does not get us there. When we type in the address from router: IE 192.168… we get to the screen to click on logo and then to the password on top area to enter robots1234. After it takes us to a screen that is a brown mess with an X when you put the cursor in it but will not bring up the options on the server to go to scratch etc. is it my computer? browser (latest firefox) or some connection issue.


Here is a screenshot

I’ve had that happen to me before, but I’m not entirely sure what causes it.
Are you on a home computer, or a school one?
If you’re on a home computer, can you try downloading VNC onto your computer (either Windows or Mac)

When you start it, the VNC Server information it’s requesting will be dex.local:1 or 192.168.x.x.:1 (the ‘colon one’ is mandatory)

Please let us know if this offers a viable solution for you