Servo and Bloxter - latest Dexter OS broke Servo

I downloaded Dexter 1.1 to be able to use Bloxter to control the Servo. It seemed to load OK - I could see the Servo commands in the interface. But now the servo won’t work at all (before it did work when I ran the script in Python). And I got an error message saying I needed firmware 0.2.x whereas the firmware is now 0.3… Does this mean we have to uninstall the latest OS, or revert the firmware? Help!

Hello @delepaak

I suspect there may have been an issue when you updated. Did you use to update via a usb key, or did you download the image and burned a new SD card?

Our latest version is 1.1.1 and the firmware should be 0.3.4


Hi cleo,

Yes I used a USB drive (the Dexter one that was provided with the kit and which has the logs and the saved Bloxter programs on it). It was the version which currently sits on this link: The update went exactly as the instructions said it should - the two red lights flickering, and as I said it is clearly the new version of Bloxter I am seeing since the interface now shows Servo commands whereas it didn’t before.

Sorry but how do I find the version of the firmware?


Hello @delepaak and thank you for the extra info.
What version of DexterOS were you upgrading from? I’m asking because if it was 1.0.x then you would need to do the update twice. We’ve addressed this issue (requiring a double update) since, but there was no way to handle older versions.

In the meantime, you can find the firmware number if you go into the Python section. Select GoPiGo_Python_Examples, then Sample_Programs_GoPiGo3 (if you have a GoPiGo3, this won’t work if you have a GoPiGo2) then scroll down until you see Click that one once so it shows up in the editor, then click Run just above.

As an aside, just below you can find which will double check your servos for you.

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