Servo and LEDs shorted?

While running the program, if I run the servo test (type ‘b’), the GPG LEDs (the 2 red ones at the front) will change intensity, and if I run the LED test (type ‘l’), the servo will move, in addition to the LEDs erratically changing intensity.

I’ve also made a stand-alone LED test program, and when I run it, the servo moves.

Here’s the code (basically copied the LED section from

from gopigo import *
for i in range(256):
        print led(LED_L,i)
        print led(LED_R,i)
print led(LED_L,0)
print led(LED_R,0)

Any ideas? I’ve updated firmware, redownloaded GoPiGo from github, fresh batteries, etc. I’m starting to believe that this is a hardware problem.

The servo line and the Right LED are indeed connected.

When designing the GoPiGo we ran out of IO lines so had to use the same line for both the Servo and the LED, so you can ony use one of them at once.

Sorry for the troubles.