Servo engines are not running at all raspberrypi 3b

Hello, I have installed the combination as ordered (GOPIGO 3 robot starter kit with inclusive raspberry PI 3 (B version 1.2) but both the servo engines are not running at all .

I followed the instructions as on the website

I checked the connections 3 to 4 times, but the servo engine does not want to run, nor with the test page nor via a program

Is their a known compatibility problem with the rapsberry pi 3 and the dexter gopigo or what could be the root cause please ?
Could you help for step by step analysis in order to find a root-cause.

Hello @frederic.debruycker

Bit of a mystery why the servos won’t work. I’m also a bit confused. Are you talking about the two add-on servo motors that you can connect to the top of the GoPiGo, or are you talking about the yellow motors (what most people would refer to as the ‘engines’.)

For the motors - those that you can reach via, you need to have enough battery power. They will not run if you only have a USB power connection.


Hello Cleo, thank you for the swift reaction,

the yellow motors/engines as they are included in the gopigo beginnner starterskit .

I have and full battery power and USB power connection but with both it is not working.

I checked all batteries, they are completely new , so i don’t think it has something to do with it .


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What happens if you remove the USB power? The GoPiGo is meant to run without USB power.

Hello, if i only get the battery pack attached , (no usb power), the power button of the GoPiGO is blinking green and there is no wifi connexion possible (through raspberry pi), so i cannot test the engines via my pc.



Thanks @frederic.debruycker
This confirms there is an issue with power, not with the motors themselves.
We know the Pi can boot, but the GoPiGo doesn’t seem to get powered by the batteries.
@RobertLucian, could you take it from here, please?


If the power LED on the GPG3 is flashing green, that indicates that the RPi is not yet booted (or at least not running the power management script). You also mention there is no WiFi access point available. It sounds like a problem with either the SD card (most likely), or the RPi (unlikely).

Sorry , I have been on holidays on had no further time to investigate.
Thanks Matt for your support, the SD card is the SD card as delivered within the package I bough (no modifications), so i don’t think it’s the root cause.

What is the best way to eliminate the root causes ?

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