Servo mount doesn't work[SOLVED]

I recently got a GoPiGo starter kit and successfully assembled and tested the robot but when it came to the additional servo motor there were problems getting it mounted properly. I made a little demo video showing that 1) the servo-mount connection is loose and 2) the mount doesn’t stay on the body with the screws provided. I can try using larger screws but don’t know how to make the connection to the motor tighter. I wrote to see if I could get a new mounting piece but was just told to write a forum query :frowning:

The screws go through the acrylic base first and then into servo arm. It looks like you have it the other way around.

Sorry for the troubles that you had to face with the servo. Have you followed the video here: and here: to connect the Servo to the GoPiGo. Can you also upload some good pictures of the servo arm connection.


Hello Sberry, I think the two above comments are correct: it looks like the servo was mounted a bit out of order. The two videos that Karan posted are great, and the written tutorial here:

In particular, these two pictures might be helpful:

If that doesn’t help, can you post a picture of how you have the servo mounted to the GoPiGo?

Yes, thank you everyone! I tried to attach it on top instead of from below the body.