Servo not working

I finally plugged the Servo Package this week-end (mounting it step by
step with my sun to learn him programming)
it first make some humming noise and right led light is up when plugged
st command does do anything
b command moved it 180 a couple of time all the to one side
now it doesn’t move any more and doesn’t even make the humming noise.
servo look to be defective
What is the process to confirm and get a replacement?

Can you run the example here: and give it a f,v command to get the firmware version and the voltage. After that can you try a servo sweep command by entering b and then individually check servo positions with the st command and then entering the angles between 0-180. It would be great if you could upload a video too of what the servo is doing right now. Can you also post a picture of how the servo is connected to the GoPiGo. There is a chance that the servo might be connected the other way around.
Can you run the troubleshooting script by following the instructions here and upload the log to the forums so that we can narrow down the problem:

We haven;t seen a lot of problems with the Servo and most of them have been related to older software or bad connections. If we are unable to solve the problem, we’ll replace the servo for sure.


Cmd: v
9.61 V

Cmd: f v 1.6
as mention before b does nothing neither the st command

I’ve notice a misconception of the board as it look like the metal usb connector of the raspberry pi touch the connector. I’ve put a carton their but the I guess the damage are all ready done

What’s the misconception on the board? Do you have a GPG1 or GPG2?

it’s a gpg1 servo connector is on the top
after looking closer the usb connect is very close to the servo connector but doesn’t touch.
Servo doesn’t work do you have other testing to do or what is the process to get a replacement?

Can you post a picture of how you connected the servo to the board?

Also, Karan’s suggestion:

Can you run the troubleshooting script by following the instructions here and upload the log to the forums so that we can narrow down the problem:

here is the picture I’ll try to run the test tonight
by the way does those servo are specific or any of the ebay would work?

Looking forward to that troubleshooting output. Thanks!

Sorry I was waiting from you back when you was waiting for the log file
here it is
Also is there a test with a voltmeter that we can do to check the pin voltage?

Can you disconnect the servo, then run the basic_test_all program and give it “l” command and check if both the LED’s work. If they do work, can you give it the “b” command and tell us what happens to the left LED.


L command = both led turn on and off
B command = left led blink rapidly then stop 10 s after 179

Also I notice that the servo got hot on the back when plugged

It looks like the GoPiGo is generating the right signals to run the Servo too. Do you have any other servo’s to try with the GoPiGo.


No we don’t, that’s the only one we bought from dexter industries

It really looks like you received a broken servo. Thanks a lot for testing it out. I’m really sorry for the frustration.
Can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback”: and also give us your order ID along with a link to this post. We will have one shipped to you immediately.
Again, I’m really sorry to hear about this; we’ll make it right immediately.