Servo Screws Keep Shreading

I’ve been progressively setting up my GoPiGo over the last month or so and have finally gotten to setting up the servo. Generally, I have found the quality of the pieces included in the GoPiGo to be pretty good. However, the wood screws included in the servo kit are of such low quality that every time I try to screw one into the plastic pieces, I end up shreading the head of the screw, making it impossible to turn the screw beyond a certain point.

I have already destroyed one of the plastic pieces this way (I screwed one of the screws in about halfway in order to widen the hole in the plastic, as instructed in the tutorial, and found that I couldn’t unscrew it, so now I have a useless piece of plastic with a screw lodged halfway through it) and gave up on trying to widen the holes in the x shaped piece of plastic when I realised that the same thing was about to happen again.

Given the low quality of these screws, it seems that the best approach is to go down the hardware store and try to replace them with screws made of a harder metal. However, I can’t replace the plastic pieces this way. Is there a way to get additional plastic pieces to replace the plastic piece that was destroyed by the low quality screws?

Hi @ghayes17, really sorry to hear about your experience with the servo for the GoPiGo. Could you contact us here, and we’ll arrange a replacement of either the plastic part or the hardware. Thanks!