Setting muultiple GoPiGo for a Windows 7 classroom setting


Context: I am setting up 10 GoPiGo 3 for a summer camp where the available computers are Windows 7. My own laptop for preparing these GoPiGo runs Windows 10, if necessary I can also access a MacBook pro running Sierra. The kids will start by using Scratch, I would be happy if a few get to try Python.

Question: The kits came in with Rasbian for Robots 2017/06/21, I also downloaded CINCH and DexterOS images, and Jessie. I am wary that the GoPiGo may interfere with one another at close proximity. I am also wary of connecting to the older Windows 7 OS. Which of the 4 Raspberry OS are suitable (and recommended) to install in this classroom environment?

Note: There is no time for mail deliveries but I will gladly look for more WiFi dongles locally if necessary.



Hi @malardj,

I think the best option for a classroom of kids is to go with DexterOS.
The Raspberry Pi's are capable of running in close proximity to each other when they run DexterOS.

There’s only one thing that requires some attention: when booting a Raspberry Pi with DexterOS on it, you need to change the GoPiGo3's WiFi name before you move to the next one.
Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of GoPiGo3's that have the same WiFi name.

Thank you!

Hello @malardj,

For a classroom environment, you can consider both Cinch and DexterOS. Cinch will give you Scratch but not Bloxter, DexterOS will give you Bloxter, but not Scratch. Both will offer Python.

The one trick that is the most important one to avoid interference is that each GoPiGo must have a unique name so you will have a bit of prep time in assigning a unique name to each. We’ve had teachers use dog breeds, or car makes so the kids can relate to their GoPiGo instead of just using numbers but it’s entirely up to you.

If you have the Pi3, then you can use the wifi that comes onboard. We recommend the DexterOS dongle as it seems to be more stable than the Pi3 wifi but many people don’t have any issues with the onboard wifi.


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