Setup GoPiGo2 without Ethernet Cable?

Hello, I have a GoPiGo2 and I need to set it up so I can ssh into the raspberry pi from my tablet via the url dex.local.

The instructions tell me that in order to setup my GoPiGo2 I need to connect it to a computer via an ethernet cable. I don’t own a computer that has an ethernet port. I just have a tablet.

Is there anyway I can setup my GoPiGo2? Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Hello @samzielkeryner

You can use DexterOS which won’t require you to do any setup at all.

Or you can connect the GoPiGo2 directly to your home router via an ethernet cable. That would also work.

Or you can connect a monitor and a keyboard to the Raspberry Pi in the robot.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your advice.

Re connecting the GoPiGo to the router. Is that a one time setup and then I can connect wirelessly to the GoPiGo after that? Or do I always have to be connected to the router in order for my tablet to access it via Dec.local?

It is a one time setup to get your GoPiGo running on your home wifi network. Once it knows the wifi password (which you will have to provide) and is recognized on your home network, you will no longer need to do that. The information is retained from one boot-up to the next