Shipping to France in Europe

I’d like to buy a gopigo, but when I try to enter my address, I don’t see “France” in the countries list. I see “french guiana”, “french polynesia”, “french southern territories” and other countries in Europe but not “France”.

Is there a way to get it shipped to france (in europe)?

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to find them here soon:

We are working with Generation Robots to get them stocked asap.

Is there any ETA on this? still says “Out of stock - resupply in progress”

Other than that site, is there a way to get the GoPiGo kit in a reasonable time (and at a reasonable price) in France?

Also, I can’t seem to find the Servo Pack on the Generation Robots website? Where else could I get it shipped to France? Thanks in advance.

WE just shipped some to Generation Robots, and they’ll be in stock soon there.


I am willing to get this product :

I can’t find France in the shipping possibilities.

How can I get it ?

Thanks a lot,


FreFre, have you checked Generation Robots?