SmartSim - My jaw hasn't recovered yet!

Smartsim included in Raspbian for Robots.

Ref: Article about SmartSim here:

Reading the article, and reading the comments, I’m seriously stonkered and amazed out of my shoes! This dude - in (what I believe is) high-school seems to have produced an AutoDesk-worthy logic simulator package that works - literally - everywhere - though you might have to compile it on a Mac. And the bugger is GPL’d? Holy Christmas!!

I’m depressed. This dude writes a 400 blasted page document  for a high school class??!!  This should be a Master’s (or Doctoral?) thesis!

Again, reading the comments, (I haven’t fired it up, yet. . .), this guy has gotten a piece of software that dances jigs, whistles the Star Spangled Banner in multi-part harmony, washes clothes and does the dishes - and is fully cross-platform compatible?  (That “thunk!” you just heard is my jaw hitting the floor. Again.)

I’m amazed. If recruiters aren’t lined up outside his door with check-books in hand, willing to write him anything he wants. . . I just don’t know.


Jim “JR”

p.s. I used to work in that field. The logic simulation software that existed was stone-age by comparison, and cost like oil rights for the privilege of being insulted by it.