Soft-resetting the GrovePi

I’m using a SparqEE Shield (see and a SparqEE CELL (see on top of my RaspberryPi since a I need to trasmit some big files to a server via 3G/UMTS.
But I also want to use a GrovePi+ to acquire data from some sensors now.

The GrovePi is stacked on the top on the SparqEE Shield and this actually works, but when I switch on the SparqEE CELL and start to transfer data via UMTS the RST led on the GrovePi+ lights up and the the Grove modules stop to work: i.e. reading analog or digital values from the Grove sensors always returns error.

This is not a problem to me, since data should not be transmitted continuosly, but as long as a file is transferred via UMTS I need to acquire data from the Grove sensors again.

I may even just reboot the Raspberry, but is there any way to soft-reset the GrovePi?

Is there any other way to use both the SparqEE Shield and the GrovePi?

The CE0 pin on the Raspberry Pi is connected to the Reset pin on GrovePi. It is also connected to the blue LED on the SparqEE shield. So when the LED lights up, it resets the GrovePi. Can you send us a picture of your GrovePi. If you have the older one, it might be possible to disable the reset, but with the GrovePi+, it might now be possible.


I currently have the same problem.
I have the GrovePi+ and would like to know how to disable the reset.