Software Update - Problems


I am trying to perform a software update on my Raspberry Pi GoPiGo. I am connected via ethernet and vnc. I have also done my wifi configuration for wifi dongle.

My problem is that when I click the Software Update via VNC, it gives me this message:

Resolving ( . . . failed: Name or service not known
wget: unable to resolve host address `
Press Enter to EXIT

Also, for some reason my “wpa_gui” also keeps disconnecting from the network whenever I click the “DI Software Update” icon.

Please let me know the solution for this. Thanks.

Can you double-check to make sure that the Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet. A simple ping to Google from the terminal should help let you know if the Pi is indeed connected to the Internet or not.

The problem looks like due to the script being unable to connect to the internet. Check your router settings to make sure that Pi is allowed to connect to the Internet if it is unable to do so already.


I have no original DI sd en no DI software update on my desktop. How can I update the GoPiGo for the Pi ? Via Github ? but how ?


First clone the GoPiGo repository from here: .

Then run the install script in the Setup folder:

After this, make sure that the motors are disconnected on the GoPiGo and run the firmware update script from here: .

That should set up the GoPiGo.

Let us know if you still have any problems.


The update is still not working. Same problem as before. I wrote “ifconfig” in putty as well as in the VNC terminal. It has shown a successful internet connection, with wlan0 showing

RX bytes: 205504 (200.6 KiB) TX bytes: 148574 (145.0 Kib)

Please let me know how I can fix this! Would really like to update so I can start using the GoPiGo!

This is what I see in the LX Terminal when I click “DI Software Update” on the desktop via VNC.

mkdir: cannot create directory /tmp/di_update': File exists --2014-10-25 05:23:27-- Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known wget: unable to resolve host
Press Enter to EXIT

Can you make sure that the internet is connected when you run the update script. Also, mkdir: cannot create directory /tmp/di_update’: File exists` should not be a problem. The internet connectivity is a problem.

Maybe just ping google from terminal to see if the Pi is indeed connected.