Softwareserial example in grovepi python


we see softwareserial example in C language ( and that does not compile softwareserial.h, not there…) for arduinos…

are there samplecode for softwareserial based for your GPS sensor for example in GrovePi…


The GrovePi does not have Software Serial support for now. You should be able to use it after making changes to the firmware though.

We have tried connecting the GPS directly with the Raspberry Pi Serial port and parse the data using Python and Pyserial. Maybe that might be a better way to use it.



It is bit confusing grove sensors and grove pi and their compatibility…

I would need to get the grove GPS sensor working.
what are the options

  1. directly connect to Raspberry
  2. through grovepi which libraries will work if not softwareserial to use the grove gps

second grove Pi does not support many of these sensors…
can you give a bigger picture for what sensors/protocols does grove pi support



In the wiki of the GPS,

Connect the Grove-GPS to Digital I/O 2 on the Grove - Base Shield using a Grove Universal 4 pin cable.

it is stated to connect to Grove -Base shield.
is it the grove Pi they are referring to or something else. secondly The 4 pin in the GPS, if not to grove-pi shield, how should we connect to Raspberry… pls share.

The GPS can be directly connected to the GrovePi serial port which is connected to the Raspberry Pi, so that you can directly take the data out from the GPS using Python or any other language. We have a port broken out for the hardware Serial on the GrovePi and the GrovePi supports software Serial too, but it is not implemented yet because there hasn’t been a use case where people want it. The Raspberry Pi is more more than capable of handling the Serial itself.

Here is a list of sensors that have examples written out for the GrovePi: . The list is not exhaustive and a lot of sensors are easily compatible but we have not added them here. It’ll be better to ask on the forums if a particular sensor is compatible or not. The GPS is indeed compatible when you directly use it with the Raspberry Pi Serial.

Seeedstudio uses their base shield for the Arduino as a reference. It is different from the GrovePi but most of the ports are there on the GrovePi. The exception being that you have to write arduino code every time for the Arduino to work, but with the GrovePi you can just write code in Python or any other language and make it work.

Let me know if you need any more help.