[SOLVED] About motionEye on GoPiGo


Now I am construsting motionEye application on my GoPiGo cas I must create multi cameras system.But Why I cannot access to USB camera that connects to my GoPiGo via USB? And What is my official gopigo camera address port? I think my camera’s port is 8080…Please show me best way to multi camera system on GoPiGo about this problem? I am afraid but In add LAN networking camera available on this system?

Hi @rikemumu55,

The reason why you get Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused is because there’s no server running at that address.

In order to be able to video stream, you need a server to bind to a certain IP address and port.

Why I cannot access to USB camera that connects to my GoPiGo via USB?

That entirely depends on what setup you have there.
I haven’t worked with motionEye, but judging from the message you got on your interface, you need to setup a so-called Remote motionEye client.
That client will then have to connect to the motionEye server by using the given interface.

Hope this helps you a little bit!

Thank you!

Thx for your reply! I think official GoPiGo default camera module is used in browser streaming robot control system. So I should use simple mjpeg camera I think.This means I MUST buy more better usb camera that support networking camera?This message up to me.Would you follow me more? I am afraid my poor engrish skill…


I solved this problem on my own business! Thx you for your support.45f80b1c56e94c92095ce0a5cd2f7054

So should be close!!!

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