[SOLVED] Air Quality Sensor - detecting individual gas molecules

Is it possible to measure gas range individually rather than as combined ?

Hi @saishruthi10,

Can you explain us more on this subject?
What do you want to achieve / measure exactly?

Could you give us a couple of examples?

Thank you!

This sensor gives air quality as a whole. Is it possible to get values of individual gas measurements that makes up the final value ?

Hi @saishruthi10,

I think I understand what you’re asking for.
Unfortunately, this sensor is only made for measuring the air quality as a whole.

For measuring the levels of each individual gas on a GrovePi, I think these 4 sensors should create a more complete solution for you:

It’s still not the perfect solution, but it’s an improvement over the Grove Air Quality Sensor.

Hope this helps you on your current project you may have.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply !!