[SOLVED] Air Quality Sensor - detecting individual gas molecules


Is it possible to measure gas range individually rather than as combined ?


Hi @saishruthi10,

Can you explain us more on this subject?
What do you want to achieve / measure exactly?

Could you give us a couple of examples?

Thank you!


This sensor gives air quality as a whole. Is it possible to get values of individual gas measurements that makes up the final value ?


Hi @saishruthi10,

I think I understand what you’re asking for.
Unfortunately, this sensor is only made for measuring the air quality as a whole.

For measuring the levels of each individual gas on a GrovePi, I think these 4 sensors should create a more complete solution for you:

It’s still not the perfect solution, but it’s an improvement over the Grove Air Quality Sensor.

Hope this helps you on your current project you may have.

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply !!

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