[SOLVED] Battery case for AA batteries


I am looking to get a different battery case for my GoPiGo3. I’m looking at 2 alternatives.

  1. I saw this on Adafruit

  2. And this one from Robotshop in Canada. I have rechargeable 9v batteries.

Can I please get some advise that either one will work?


hi there, i really dont know why you are writing 2 me?!? …
im only a user 2!

I have rasp pi3 model b, with kit grove+

Hi, I wasn’t writing to you directly - the question was directed to the forum.

Hi @fusionmuck,

You should go with the one from Adafruit, because that one can hold up 8x AA batteries, which will provide you with the adequate voltage of 12V as opposed to 9V from the other one.
This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to power your GoPiGo3 + Raspberry Pi with the battery pack from Robotshop, it just means you won’t have as much range as with the one from the Adafruit.

Thank you!

Thanks @RobertLucian. Appreciate your time.

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