[SOLVED] Beginner Trying to GoPiGo

I got a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and set up Raspbian Linux with Wifi and all.
Then in order to convert that to Raspbian for Robots, I did
> curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_gopigo3 | bash
Just now I built a GoPiGo3, using this Raspberry Pi and its SD card setup

I have looked at 2 dozen Dexter web pages, and I cannot find any place to come in for the next step … which is to start the GoPiGo for the first time!

I presume that when I power up the SD card it will boot its Raspbian including Wifi and its new robotware … but of course with no video. I should still be able to SSH to it from a PC … but I cannot find such a thread in the Dexter instructions.

Help?! I have the whole thing built, but am afraid to power it up with no instruction path for me to follow next to start it working.

Forgot to mention: Before I built this Raspberry Pi and its SD card into the GoPiGo, I also was able, besides SSH, to get its full Raspy/Linux desktop on my PC, via both VNC and XRDP. Presumably those would all still work …
But, that tells me how to get a desktop. I still cannot find instruction about how to drive the GoPiGo!
I also have a little wireless controller that says on it “SNES Classic Mini” …

I presume you didn’t find the documentation for the GoPiGo3 on the project’s page on GitHub or on the forum as discussed by others.

Here it is:

Thank you!

I tried a search on the forum but could not find an answer.
I tried 28 Dexter GoPiGo URL’s but could not find an answer.
Now, trying https://gopigo3.readthedocs.io , it leads me to a page I already tried:
I was not sure I understood the instructions there, and was afraid to plug in to the wrong thing and blow out my brand-new RPi or robot.
Step B. on that page says: “Next, plug the ethernet cable into the Raspberry Pi (green board) and the other end of the ethernet cable into your computer.”
I have never heard of connecting two end-computers via ethernet; to do the original Raspberry Pi setup, I connected it via ethernet cable to my router. My laptops do not have ethernet ports, some old inconvenient workstations do.
So my question would boil down to: Is this instruction correct as it stands, connect to the ethernet port of a workstation computer? And would it work instead to connect it back to the router?

Many thanks, I’m just trying not to fry my GoPiGo right near the end of setting it up!

Indeed you can connect to a router. Most people don’t have direct access to their router - especially in a school environment.

Right now, you are using your own SD card, with the GoPiGo libraries installed manually. Is that right? All of our help pages are meant for Raspbian for Robots, which is probably why you’re getting confused.

I’m not sure I understand what is holding you back at the moment:

You say that before the GoPiGo installation, you were able to connect to the Pi via SSH/Remote Desktop. Is that still the case? (it should be).

If you can still connect, are you confused as to how to code to get control of the GoPiGo?


Many thanks for your kind reply!

I decided to give up on adding
> curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_gopigo3 | bash
to an existing SDcard, because I cannot know how that might still differ from a genuine Raspbian for Robots. So, I made an RfR SDcard following instructions … installed it on the GoPiGo3 … and … just connected to its web service from my PC. Btw, “dex.local” failed … but just “dex/” worked fine (Chrome on WinXP).

I still have not found clear instructions for driving the car! Either from the “host” PC or from a hand-held game controller? I asked google and it gave me

which is better than nothing … but is there a beginner driver’s page?

Thanks again!!

Well, you need to program it to be able to drive around.

In Raspbian for Robots, there should be a little control panel on the Desktop that will allow you to drive the robot around. It’s not really meant to be a rover remote control , it’s more of a testing app but it might get you started.



Hi, … so far, I got the VNC desktop, connected it to wifi, pulled the plug (ethernet), and still everything seems to work … RasPi Card, Dexter Card, and the software.

I discovered the desktop drive/test app, and I’ll be glad to program the bot later, but I still think I need a hand-held drive controller. I bought a little one that says “for SNES Classic Mini”, I have no idea what that is. Online I have seen PS3 mentioned a lot, but I know nothing about videogame stuff.

Up and soon running …

It runs!!!

Wait’ll I get the visual system installed, so’s it can track down the cats …!

Many thanks for the help!!

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We do have a project on Raspbian for Robots just to track down cats , btw
The instructions are here:

Have fun! We’re here to help if needed


We do have a project on Raspbian for Robots just to track down cats , btw

Thank you for that!!

Plus, while I’m waiting for my bot’s video camera to arrive, there are quite a few GoPiGo vs. Cat videos on YouTube!

Plus, incredibly we now have this:

or    https://tinyurl.com/y5q6htyt

This is the next step in Google’s project - along with Prof. Fei Fei Li at Stanford - to recognize cats and dogs, e.g.:

I live halfway between Stanford and Google … my cats are worried …

Indeed we noticed the new Google AI hardware. Beaglebone is also coming up with one.
We’re keeping an eye on them. Those will be awesome tools!

The future is going to be so interesting!


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