[SOLVED] Cannot connect to Dex.local

My son recently got a PC with windows 7, we have set up his wifi to our home network and his is trying to connect to the gopigo with Raspberry Pi 3. He is able to connect to the dex.local site from my office computer and laptop on same wifi network but we keep getting the error DSN not found when he tries to do it from his PC. are we doing something wrong?
Thank for the help.

Hi @scorallo511,

So let’s get these things straight:

  • The Raspberry Pi is reachable on 2 computers that are connected to the same WiFi network as the Raspberry Pi. This means SSH-ing to dex.local or loading dex.local page on the browser works.

  • When going over to another PC (which has Windows 7 on it) the dex.local page isn’t loading and instead it returns a DNS not found error.

To me, it looks like your son’s PC isn’t on the same network.
Another possibility is that dex.local has been blocked on your son’s computer - I’m wondering if parental control software can do that.

It’s most likely that the computer isn’t on the same network as the other 2 and that’s why it isn’t working.

Also, on your son’s computer, could you type in cmd the ping dex.local command and tell us what’s the output of it?

Thank you!

I had the same problem, but I am using the windows edge browser. I changed to firefox (old school!) and raspbian for robots at dex.local was detected immediately.

Hope this helps

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Hi @davidwfsharp,

I’m happy to hear it works on your side.

We can conclude the following:

  • On Mozilla Firefox - dex.local page loads.

  • On Google Chrome - dex.local page loads.

  • On Microsoft Edge - dex.local page doesn’t load.

As from now on, we will keep a track on this issue and we’ll seek for a solution.

Thank you!

Have you tried dex/ instead of dex.local ?

On my Edge, I can use either one.


Thank you for your reply and suggestions. We ended up updating the computer and also added the sites to allowed website on parental controls. After fine tuning things I am happy to report that he was able to connect and start programming his gopi. This is all new to me, even the PC he is using he built himself with some help so this forum has been incredibly helpful for me to be able to help him. Thanks!