[SOLVED] Cannot see GoPiGo wifi Windows 10


Just built the GoPiGo3 with DexterOS and Pi3. The WIFI light is showing green but for the life of me I cannot find the GoPiGo wifi network on my windows 10 machine or android tablets.

Have connected over ethernet, can see that wifi is working as managed to connect to my local WiFi. Can get to Dexter OS using dex/.

Someone please help. My daughter is itching to start programming using bloxter but bloxter says no robot connected :frowning:, I’m guessing it requires access point connection.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @kuljeet.dhillon

Are you certain you have DexterOS and not Raspbian for Robots? The behaviour you’re describing would be appropriate for Raspbian for Robots as it uses dex/ as the hostname.

Bloxter is only available with DexterOS, so if you want it you will have to download and install it.

Instructions on how to get DexterOS


Thanks Cleo,

I ordered a kit which I thought came with Dexter OS but actualy came with Raspbian for Robots, my bad.


Glad to see it’s all sorted out! Thanks for letting us know.

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