[SOLVED] Can't get to mygopigo.com page

I’m using a GoPiGo3 with a Pi 3 computer and DexterOS 2. After powering up I eventually see the GoPiGo WiFi. I select it and after some delay, the screen in my Windows 10 computer shows that I am connected to the GoPiGo WiFi. The front-most LED on the GoPiGo3 red board is blue. However, I can’t get any further than this. One week ago, I could easily get to the mygopigo.com page and work in Bloxter. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @frockbriang,

More often than not, it’s something wrong with the image. Do you think you can burn the image using the latest version from our website?


Thank you!

Everything works fine after once again burning the image. Thanks for your quick response.