[SOLVED] Can't make grovepi work

I made an SD card with dexterOS, and I pluged everything correctly. the os work correctly. when I try to use python, everything is fine. when I try to import grovepi, no problem. But when I try to read the sensors, nothing appears. I have a digital light sensor, and a temperature sensor.
Any idea of what I made wrong ?
Any detailled tutorial to suggest me ?
Thanks for your help.

DexterOS wasn’t made to work with the GrovePi. For that, you need to switch to Raspbian for Robots or at least a fresh version of Raspbian. You’ll have to update the libraries and the GrovePi’s firmware (most likely).

Here’s a getting started guide on that:

Thank you!

Yes, I known, sorry, I have raspbian for robots. the latest version. When I write from grovepi import in python, the instruction is accepted, so the module is known. but when i use it to read from a sensor, the program works but nothing is writen in the shell.
thank you

Have you tried updating the firmware? Here’s how you can do it:

Can you try that, as I can remember this being the behavior of when a newer library is used with an old version of the firmware?

Thank you!

Thank you, it works.

That’s really great. Thank you. And I’m going to mark as solved this thread and lock it.