[SOLVED] Confusion about GoPiGo installation on the Raspberry Pi

I am not sure how to install the GoPiGo software to my Raspberry Pi 3 and use the different modules that come with it. I bought a GoPiGo3 Base Kit, this means it didn’t come with a USB drive, SD card and Wi-Fi Dongle (Although I have one) and I am not sure if I need them to download and install the GoPiGo modules. I have been trying with different links and methods but my GoPiGo3 still doesn’t work.

PD: I am following sentdex tutorials to make a self-driving car out of the GoPiGo, nevertheless, he is using the firs version of the GoPiGo, will this be a problem for me, since I have the version 3?

Thank you and I look forward to your response, I am running out of options to solve this problem

Hello @federicoarenas1246

You will need a SD card for sure. The USB drive will not be needed, and the Pi comes with its own wifi dongle.
To follow sentdex’s tutorials, you will need to install Raspbian for Robots onto the SD card.

You will then need an ethernet cable to make contact with the Raspberry Pi and set up your wifi information. Once the Pi is connected to your wifi, the ethernet cable will no longer be needed.

As for the tutorial, it is using an older library. So you will need to :

  1. change the import line to import easygopigo3
  2. instantiate a gpg gpg = easygopgio3.EasyGoPiGo3()
  3. change all lines that deal with the robot so they start with gpg. left() will become gpg.left()

I hope this helps

Perfect!!! It’s working!
Thank you very much,

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