[solved] Creating a website

I’m trying to set up a website on my Raspberry Pi with Raspbian for Robots. I have made a new folder /var/www/html/test with a file test.php.
When I try to load the file I always get a not found error and I think it has to do with the /var/www/novnc directory which is used as the documentroot.

What should I do to load files from the /var/www/html directory?

Hello @guuskoning
It’s a bit more complex than that as R4R is using Apache
In /etc/apache2/ you will find sites-available/ and sites-enabled/ folders

In sites-available/ you need to create a config file for your own site, hopefully using another port than port 80 because that would kill novnc, but that’s up to you.

Then you need to soft-link it in sites-enabled/ to actually enable it.

Good luck!

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Thank you, I’ve managed to get it work on port 81


High fives!!!


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