[SOLVED] Distance Sensor not working with Bloxter


Our school bought 30 GoPiGo 3 robots and I am unable to get the distance sensor to work. I have a recent version of the DextorOS. I2C-1 and I2C-2 give an error saying: Value: Distance sensor: error unknown

I can not connect the distance sensor block to a if do logic block either. This is part of the official Dextor tutorial found here: https://studio.dexterindustries.com/cwists/preview/1484-find-the-bug-distance-sensorx

Thank you
Sean - Australia

You are entirely right, a bug has crept into DexterOS 2.4.0
A fix is coming today.

Our apologies on this issue

The fix is in
You can run an update on your SD card by following the steps on this update page

Thank you for your patience on this issue.