[SOLVED] Enhancement Request - Raspbian for Robots Power Functionality


Within the latest version of Raspbian for Robots / Buster, (this is also true for Stretch), the power button on the GoPiGo driver board, the “Shutdown” icon on the Dexter desktop, and the “shutdown” terminal command have different end-results.

The best and most desirable result is the one obtained by the power button. It brings everything to a complete halt and removes power from the Raspberry Pi. The other “shutdown” command options do not do this.

Is it possible to modify the behavior of the desktop “shutdown” icon and/or the system “shutdown” command to duplicate the end-behavior of the power button?

Jim “JR”

Hi Jim

It’s not really possible nor is it desirable for advanced users.

There is a software shutdown and a hardware shutdown. The hardware shutdown can only be done via the power button on the GoPiGo3 and it will trigger a software shutdown for you. (note that robots like the GoPiGo2 do not have the same behaviour). However the software shutdown that comes with raspbian will do only that, a software shutdown. The Pi will be off, but the batteries are connected to the red board, and we don’t have a mechanism in place to shut the red board off.

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Works for me.

Thought it might be something like that, but wanted to ask and be sure.