[SOLVED] GoPiGo 1 with Raspberry Pi 3?

Hey gang. Sorry for the newbie question but I didn’t find anything in the forums.

I have a GoPiGo 1 (December 2014) and a Raspberry Pi B (August 2012).

I never really got them to work together because I struggled to get a wifi dongle to work. I was able to test the GoPiGo, which seemed to run from the Pi command line, but tethered to Ethernet and USB keyboard and mouse wasn’t the ideal case. :slight_smile:

Cut to 2017. The Raspberry Pi 3 with built in wifi (and Bluetooth! and the same PCB footprint) might just solve a bunch of problems? And it looks as though GoPiGo software is much better…?

So I ask: can the new Pi work with the old GoPiGo?

Thanks in advance,
Henry’s dad

Technically yes. The Raspberry Pi3’s pins are the same as the Raspberry Pi 2. The only difference is the RPi3’s pins are much faster, but this would only mean more performance not breakage. So yes you should be able to use the Raspberry Pi3. However if you’d like I’d be happy to help you get the wifi dongle working. I have used wifi dongles with the Raspberry pi Zero and 3 so there should be no issue.

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Thanks! I appreciate the quick answer.

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