[SOLVED] Gopigo - DexterOS - is there a way of gracefully terminating a session

Hi, My first visit in a long time, I just bought a GoPiGo3 and the aim is to get into Node.js development, but my first goal was to prove my hardware worked and I figured the best way to do this was to implement DexterOS. The build went fine, even with a heat-sink stuck to the top of my PI3 (about 2mm clearance from the capacitor under the GoPiGo board). My question is - rather than just pull the battery plug at the end of a session is there a way to achieve a graceful shutdown of the GoPiGo / Raspberry combo ?

Hi @poweruser,

On a GoPiGo3 you have a side button on which you can press while the Pi is running. That will trigger a shutdown of the robot.
Likewise, if one wants to power up the robot, all they have to do is press on the button and the robot will boot up - mind the battery you need to have plugged in.

Here’s a short video on how to do all this:

Hope this clears out the waters for you and for anyone else that sees this post.

Thank you!

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And just to add a little something to what @RobertLucian said, this button does trigger an actual shutdown of the Pi, the same as if you had entered sudo shutdown now in a command line.
The Pi does a real shutdown first, and then removes power.


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Excellent, many thanks.