[SOLVED] GoPiGo Directory Permissions


i’d like to be able to connect to my raspberry pi file system from Multi-Commander or basically just access the file system from windows. I have successfully done this but I cannot seem to give the right permissions r/w to the GoPiGo directory so I can edit/ replace files. I try to open that directory and it says I don’t have permission. I mapped the drive with DEX\pi credentials. I run the command ls -l, I can see everything belongs to root.


Have you tried

sudo chown -R pi:pi ~/



Unfortunately yes:

$ sudo chown -R pi:pi ~/Desktop/GoPiGo

still wont let me get in there from mapped drive. I mapped the drive with pi:robots1234


Hey @paul.resinger,
could you share a screenshot of the multi-commander connection settings? I haven’t used that tool myself but maybe that will shed some light on the issue :slight_smile:



Shot in the dark here. ~/Desktop/GoPiGo is a soft link. Maybe try ~/Dexter/GoPiGo and chown in there?

Btw, samba is pre-installed on Raspbian for Robots. I access my Pi that way.


Thanks for all your feedback! I believe I got it working by using this:

sudo chmod 777 Dexter/GoPiGo

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