[SOLVED] GoPiGo SD card permissions

When trying to modify the gopigo project files or make new or edit any files in the examples directories i get a message stating that I do not have the correct permissions.

Am i missing something very basic here? I am new to the raspberry pi and python in general so i may be.

I am logged in with the default user account. I’ve tried through the file manager as well as nano through the root console and terminal windows.

The image I’m using is from about 2 months ago. Let me know if it something basic or if i need to provide more info.

Thank you,

Hey Aarnleigh,

The GoPiGo directory is write protected so unless you’re editing as root, you won’t be able to. You can do two things:

1). Copy the file into your home directory or your desktop, whichever you prefer. Then edit it there.

2). You can chmod the directory to the appropriate user level. such as chmod -r +x /home/pi/Desktop/GoPiGo

Sorry about the confusion here. We leave them locked assuming most folks would want to leave the examples as they are, and if they want to change them, they can copy them and modify them. If you update the github repo for the GoPiGo, you’ll erase any changes you make.