[SOLVED] Gopigo3 Starts up... then shuts down

Hi all, rpi3, DexterOS-image2.2.1 - not from dexter, a d/l and ‘burned’ onto sd card using Etcher on Ubuntu.

fresh build, powered on and got the green flashing light - all looked good until suddenly it didn’t - just seemed to power off.

I removed a wheel and plugged in a HDMI - greeted with the familiar raspbian boot up, everything moving up the screen quite quickly, but nothing too much failing - then… nothing. Pi seems to power off.

Thought perhaps it was a wonky sd card, so attempted a rewrite to another card - same problem.

Running out of ideas for further debugging, i have removed the camera, sensors and stripped it back as far as possible - there is nothing in the usb ports.

Thanks in advance

Hello and let’s see if we can figure this out.

Is the robot powered via USB, or via batteries? On its first ever boot-up it will attempt to refresh the firmware and this may lead to a power down. In fact, we uploaded a new image today (literally about an hour ago) DexterOS 2.2.1plus that deals with this issue.

You have two options:

  1. power the Pi via USB until the firmware is done. Basically until it can go through its first boot-up properly.
  2. download DexterOS 2.2.1plus and boot up with that image.


Hi @cleoqc and thank you for the prompt reply, its batteries - i actually missed a step - the very first thing that i did was recharge the ni-mh 1.2v 2400mAh rechargeable AA’s (amazon basics) - i will grab the new image and try that ASAP.

When you say power the rpi via usb - you mean just stick the regular mini-usb in the pi - and don’t bother powering the gopigo board right?

Exactly, although the gopigo board could still have the batteries on. This is only required for the first boot. The robot will be untethered afterwards.

So after plugging in the pi through usb and battery pack, i could see the login go through all the way and shortly after I got the fabled green light of solidity!! Unplugging the usb and trying gopigo on only the battery pack i AGAIN was rewarded with the green light - AND i could connect to it.

@cleoqc I am awarding you with 250 Awesome points - thank you so much.

(FWIW i did not need the new image)

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Great! Your robot is all set for awesomeness now!

Have fun with it! And please do share what cool things you do with your robot.


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