[solved] Grove piezo vibration sensor

Good evening…
I have a piezo vibration sensor plugged into A0 on the GrovePi+ stacked onto a RPi 3. I created a directory in my home directory /Seeed. Within this directory i ran

git clone https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/grove.py

from Seeed/grove.py/grove I run python3 grove_piezo_vibration_sensor.py

The program is laden with errors when it runs…I’ve managed to get files in appropriate locations to have the code run without error and it spits out:

Check whether I2C enabled and Grove Base Hat RPi or Grove Base Hat RPi Zero inserted

Do you NOT have code to support the new GrovePi+? Please say it isn’t so…

Can you please advise me on how to proceed here?


For anyone following along after this thread:

This is the Python GitHub repository for GrovePi sensors to check,

and indeed the Dexter Industries GrovePi+ version grove_piezo_vibration_sensor.py is there.

On a Raspian For Robots operating system, the GrovePi+ software is pre-installed to:


and the Python examples are at: