[SOLVED] GrovePi & Seeed Studio Water Atomization v1.0

Along with the SHT31 sensor, the “Water Atomization v1.0” Grove module doesn’t have any sample code (that I can find anyway).

Is it possible to use the existing GrovePi C# library to interact with this sensor? If so - please provide an example.

Hi @Latitude17,

I suppose you’re referring to the following product that Seeed is currently offering:

If so, then the only thing you need to do is to :

  • Connect the Grove Water Atomization actuator to one of the digital ports on the GrovePi - i.e. D5

  • From the Raspberry Pi (and with the GrovePi stacked on top of the Raspberry Pi) you need to actuate the device by setting the corresponding digital port HIGH (in our example is D5) and for disabling it just set it LOW.

As for the SHT31 temperature & humidity sensor, we don’t have a library for it, but since it’s using the I2C protocol, you can use any library for the Raspberry Pi for this particular sensor.

Giving it a quick look over google I found the following libraries:

For more information on the Grove Water Atomization, please see Seeed's wiki page that I’ve mentioned earlier.

If there are more issues, please tell us.

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply, @RobertLucian. Yes, that is the model I’m referring to. I have had no issues getting other devices to interact on digital ports but have not had any success on the Grove Water Atomization - which is why I asked for a working sample code.

I’ve already managed to get the SHT31 working via I2C, but think adding it to your library would be great - especially in C#.

Here you go: https://github.com/DexterInd/GrovePi/pull/356

Hi @Latitude17,

Thank you for the PR.
I believe it’s safe to say that we can close the thread, right?

Thank you!

Yes good to go now, thanks!